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Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy

Kelsi Bracmort Specialist in Agricultural Conservation and Natural Resources Policy. Richard K. Lattanzio Analyst in Environmental Policy. November 26, 2013.


Geoengineering the climate

Science, governance and uncertainty. Sept 2009 Royal Society.

Royal Society

The security implications of geoengineering

Blame, Impose Agreement and the Security of Critical Infrastructure. Paul Nightingale & Rose Cairns

House of Commons

The Regulation of Geoengineering: 5th Report 2009-10

The European Transdisciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering (EuTRACE)

Removing Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere and Reflecting Sunlight away from Earth


Geoengineering and its governance

If geoengineering technologies could help to address climate change how should they be governed?

The Ethics of Geoengineering

Looking at the causes of geoengineering to the planet & people. You (public) need to read this.

Directive to all UK MPs

Anything worth a shot to get Geoengineering ban, tech might be used for good as well.


Last Chance To Save Planet?

An Analysis of the Geoengineering Advocacy Discourse in the Public Debate.


ETC Group

Geoengineering Moratorium at UN Ministerial in Japan Risky Climate Techno-fixes BLocked


Emancipating Transformations: from controlling 'the transition' to culturing plural radical progress


Albert C. Lin

Does Geoengineering Present a Moral Hazard?

Law Ucdavis