plight of dragul

Contact Page

This is obvious of what this page is all about as it is in the title as being a contact page, I can be contacted here but I am very busy and I will try my best to get back in touch.

Down below is many ways on how to contact me through the internet on social media or email.

I don't respond to abuse as that will be dealt with in the proper manner, as nobody should take abuse from anyone these days from public to lower regions of society known as the Establishment.

If you  a company with good quality T-shirts and so on I be glad to checkout your stock and hope to come sort of arrangement. As I do want to bring products for people to buy from me so I can get rid of benefits for once and for all.

I work from my flat to let others know.



Use this one only for Geopolitical and other worldy affairs that are going on in the world....



Only use this for gaming related issues and entertainment purposes..