plight of dragul

This site began out of the fires of Government Authorities who think it is okay to take from people and expect the person to carry on with their lives without money. We know that is impossible when you have corporations wanting payment all the time that adds pressure to people committing suicide and this harm from people within Government being greedy to leave others with nothing.

Radio show I do on spreaker helps me to vent about the corruption going on in the world and I would like the products to sell as it would help get away from drug culture that I am in the middle of that keeps threatening my life on a daily basis, yet this is without DWP threatening to leave me homeless without any income coming at the moment.

Despite my legs filled with arthritis with other pains in my heart and other ailments, I do try to keep going and hoping one day my products sell for me to keep improving my life with disability products, as well I hope the information I put on the site help others to know and deal with what going on to help improve their own lives.

I do believe there is not one solution fits all and only finding a solution that works with your life.

I am like most people looking for that one break to make it in the world to stop worrying about where the next meal going to come from and start a family with awesome lady one day.

Until then - I will be single, keep working towards my goal from home and hopefully don't starve because of DWP cut all my money. Last roll of the dice with the products I am creating.

Thank you for your time - peace, love, respect and take care.