There will be people wondering why I am writing on a matter that may be small for some people, I thought about it, then I realized it could escalate the way councils think they can’t do wrong and could blame others what they did without realizing they did a wrong.

So I decided to write about scenario that took place and before the council got up to their tricks without remorse (even if destroying people lives over something small, or big that is was not to be life threatening.).

On Wednesday Nights I do a show for free (despite it costs me money to run it) and during the show filled with music, intel and so on; I do put the bins out while informal talks are being played to give me time to put the bins out. I need to put this in as a point of reference, the time is normally late at night that I put the bins around 10pm and sometimes even later around midnight. Therefore this suggests I am normally or at least the last one to see the lid closed, I am normally awake before they come with me watching the bin men to make sure they respect the area.

I have noticed that councils would jump on our backs very quickly, if we did the following scenario with a fine.

The scenario is when I first look across after the bin men left the area on 18th Feb, Thursday 2016. I did notice something sticking up in the designated bin area, at first I just thought it was something else instead of the lid being kept open by a stick. I looked across again and again, as I could not concentrate on what I was doing but had to finish doing my gaming show first on Twitch.tv.

Then my mate knocked on my door and we got chatting about the thing popping over the fencing of the designated bin area; We decided to go across to check it out, only for me to go and take photos, while he went to the post office.

As I headed towards the bin I could see more clearly what was going on, it turned out to be a stick holding the bin lid open.

One thing popped into my mind as I was taking away the stick and closing the lid, what if us (the public) did this instead of the council? Then the usual scenarios came flowing into my mind of how they would fine your ass without talking with you, or listening. Think about it, what if that lid was left open over night with animals entering the container to make a mess with couple of bags filled with food and stuff; Which the council left behind because of policies like fortnightly rubbish, or something similar.

All fortnightly rubbish is, is to have people to have members of the public to do the job for the councils without paying the wages to the people doing it; Another words creating slaves without calling it “Slavery” despite taxes pay for these people to do the job for us.

Don’t forget the cans you send to council can be traded in to Alcoa for money, and do you think these are not being recycled for money by the council? Of course the coke, beer and other types of drink cans are being traded in for cash.

Unlike us – Swansea Council would go to the Bailiffs if you didn’t pay their fine and keep harassing you, until you paid. When we turn it around demand them to follow the rules and if we fine Swansea Council, they would just turn around and say “You can’t do that…” with loads of bollocks that follows whatever they say.

By taking a photo or two, is my way of I’ve had enough of bullshit that goes on in the Swansea District. I’ve also had enough of authorities using the approach of “Do as we say not what we do”, I would not do what the so-called authorities do as it is criminal action is what they do, on many levels.

All I ask for future reference is close the lid when you leave, then again you won’t as you don’t listen to people as you too busy accepting blood money.

This is health and safety issue as well with waste being open to the animals to come and spread the food waste around, which then leads to rats coming to the area; Despite there are rats in many levels of authority throughout the UK.

We got to live in these flats, you don’t!

I must point out Swansea Council spying in people rubbish in past with those going through the bags reading people have thrown out.

By Page.