plight of dragul

It's been a while now that I have been streaming and continue to stream every week; I stream most days. I also do research and always learning on how to improve my streams - despite I am fighting a battle with my learning disability. I do gaming streams for people to come and see me play on twitch; If people want to donate, they can.
I also do a show that looks at events going home and abroad to come to my own conclusion, instead of being force fed somebody else opinion.  This stream I do is about getting people to think for themselves instead of just taking what they told as the gospel.
I do the streams as a way of soul searching, as well as some fun, when it is appropriate to do so.

Below will be a list of games and probably other piece of information that should be brought forward to let you know what the streams will hold.  



The game/s I will be playing live tongiht on the stream will be as follows...

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life of a Streamer

This is an idea I am working on for people to see what goes into being a streamer. Updates coming soon.



We all have ideas to make things better, only for no way to get them visible.




I am currently thinking what to put here.