No intent to cause harm, it is just opinion with truth and facts involved this piece.

It seems at the moment the mainstream press are too busy slandering the unemployed / disabled / Mental Health for their Government masters and not speaking out for the poor / vulnerable, it looks like it is down to people like me that suffer with learning difficulties to speak out.

I have notice the press are failing in their duties on being the 4th Policeman to report what is going on in society. It does feel that they only reporting what the Government and Co needs reporting, despite it is harming and having people lose their lives while tyranny grows in the UK.

As we see the DWP are being ruthless towards the people who are unemployed, disabled, mental health, pensioners and working families that need the support to have some form of quality of life. Only reason they are being ruthless as they are getting their orders from Parliament to get everyone off their benefits, despite if their ill or not, we should not be seeing establishment state using legislation and acts to kill the people of the UK.

You cannot gain experience to work when you are dead, shows we have a psychopath ruling class in place.

We cannot have 81,140 people dead with no justice because some people wanted more money for their pet projects of genocide by using DWP to be the new SS (Schutzstaffel). Instead of rolling out with tanks, the UK authorities and health practitioners are rolling out assessors to cripple the vulnerable to their graves.

With a Welfare Reform system that doesn’t listen to your ill health, disability or mental health needs. It is no wonder people can see this as a war on poorest and vulnerable in today culture of death.

We have seen people who are in comas, people with critical cancer, people who got no limbs that have been told they are fit to work. You got to admit this is just malice and cruel what is going on by Government and DWP – Are you next in line?

As there are legislations and policies to make sure public stay as slaves for the ruling class.

I have seen for many years the conditioning of the public and slandering of unemployed by the Government by using the 2 terms “Workers” & “Unemployed” to create a sub-human mentality in people minds to have genocide, we got genocide happening with 81,140 deaths between 2010 – 2013 with the help of sick people in DWP.

If you think there is no Genocide going on in the UK, you are deluded and suffer from cognitive dissonance with tons of denial. We must not forget involuntarily & voluntarily manslaughter going on.

People at the DWP when you phone the place you must always make sure you have your national insurance details in the system to make sure everything is recorded on your profile.

There are cases involving people buying Paraffin on and offline because of the stress the whole assessment process begins, only because the verdict is already passed before the forms are sent back to get people off their benefits no matter the illness, disability and mental health issues one has. In short we have discrimination going on.

It is clear as day that the UK Government with DWP view unemployed people as sub-human to carry out Genocidal acts, by having a large number of 81,140 people dead through intent to stress people and stop their income knowing there are no jobs for all, only one outcome “Suicide”.

We have a state with a press that judges the poor as scum, now it is time to turn the tables if they don’t stop judging innocent people to their deaths.  We must not forget what it says in the Bible for those that are not religious when it comes to judging.


Matthew 7:1-3 Common English Bible


 “Don’t judge, so that you won’t be judged. You’ll receive the same judgment you give. Whatever you deal out will be dealt out to you. Why do you see the splinter that’s in your brother’s or sister’s eye, but don’t notice the log in your own eye?

When you try to speak to somebody at the DWP in any of the benefit departments, you get an agent that is trying to get annoyed and angry for them to hang up with the issue not being resolved, or listen to.

No wonder people are committing suicide with the state not listening to leave people out in the cold to the point of suicide.

Next step is Doctors putting an x on papers for the disabled, mentally ill, ill-health and OAPs to be sent to the firing squad.

I am ashamed to be born into the UK with the multiple of tyrannical sick diseased Governments I have seen in my years of living in this country.

It is no wonder DWP offices are being closed down across the country, people in Parliament knows the criminal works they are doing against the vulnerable across the country in case of the back lash.

We must remember that George Osborne did state that they

We must remember the Welfare Reforms are not about getting people back to work, don’t delude yourself it is about getting people back into work, it is only for people that is wealthy already to get more money by killing off the poor and vulnerable.


Pa Page



By Page