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Have you notice you are nice in a world that is run by criminals? Yet, you get punished.

Many of us are seeing a multigenerational war on the human race to the point of extinction. If we are not careful.

A percentage of us have had the establishment try to slander our character cause we are trying to get the information about multiple agendas going on in the world that points to we are not free, to the public.

Cause we can go places local and around the world, it still doesn't mean we free. As we are tracked every day.

We are not allowed to even defend ourselves without the state coming in wanting extra cash for their pension, legal system is not a good tool for the public.

I must note some people in authorities are happy to have blood money, if they can get away with it.

There are loads of conspiracies going on that are not theories that needs good people to realise as well to research what really going on.

Otherwise the alternative is not good for mankind and life on earth.

999:Still Part Of Evil

Before we continue exploring and adding more stuff to this site to help get a clearer picture what going on. We must realize there are people in authority that will want to make sure slavery stays in place, there is even people in the Police that are doing what their Master's are telling to keep the public in chains of slavery.

I have had experience with authorities getting their panties in the twist because instead of them slamming innocent people in prison with real criminals, I exposing their criminal behaviour and they have been making up nonsense for years to keep martial law agenda's quiet. Guess what under Covid now we all have had physical taste with the authorities cannot say martial law is not going to be pushed by the state.

Check the link UK Permanent Lockdowns.

Time up as the state kept letting my attackers off the hook as well joining in on the bullying towards me. Public go and check the document, do you think it is fair they are blaming us for their crimes?

Do you think it is okay for Police used druggies to try and kill people for exposing tyrannical measures that enslave mankind even further by the state?

To sign off.

Police been covering Establishment Crimes for years.

To those that say there good people in the Police, why haven't they arrested the corrupt officers?

Note: I don't attack, I do defend. As you came and attacked, I now defending from raped. Now I am pushing.